Ingen fredagskänsla här inte.....inte märker man av fredagen nu när barnen har sommarlov. Inte är det samma sköna känsla när fredag kommer! Utan man har väl fredag varje dag!

Today: Tag a few people in to this....then copy and paste it so we can find out more about each other....

wheres your phone: in my pocket
your hair: brunette
your father: henrik
your fave time: gymtime
your dream last nite: not yours
fave drink: coffee or cider
dream or goal: dream
the room your in: boys room
your biggest fear: war
where do u want 2b in 6yrs: working in a fun place
muffins: apple
1 of the items from your wish list: health
where u grew up: in my village, dah...
last thing u did: weekendshopping, smoked
wot ru wearin: black top, Only jeans
our tv: 24 tum, I think..
your pets: cats
your computer: Fujitsu
your life: ups and downs
your mood: expectant
missing someone: Jepp
your car: Bmw
fave store: Micks
your summer: Waiting for it
fave colour: no specific, wear mostly black, booring
last time u laughed: today, watching EllenDeGeneres-show
last time u cried: I'm a cold fish!
3 people who email: Carol, Sarah, Robbi
3 fave foods: chicken and rice, potato and good meat, fish soup
3 places id rather b: london, florida or rhodos