Feber igen

Har just tittat på Elf. Julmagi. Och jag svettas. Jag har fått feber igen. Denna gång stiger tempen över stegring. Tror det är samma virus eftersom värken kommer tillbaks, precis som Sinikka på jobbet sa, att värken flyttar på sig.
Tidigare idag har vi besökt brandstationen och julöppning i stan.

Don't mess with me! I'm a mom!

Today I am Mommy BADA$$. I am going to share with the world what every mom already knows. Don't mess with the MOMMY! I have had a tough week of dealing with people who think that because I am a mom  and I have learned to hold my temper that I am a push over. In fact I have seen this with some of my mommy blogger friends. My buddy @crazykids6 got in a twitter fight this week and it was very appreant that the people attacking her didn't realize that she was part of the LARGEST gang out there the Mommy Gang. We are a bunch of scary mothers too.

You try throwing down with a mom and she is gonna bring you down. Because we have been vomited on, cleaned up poop and wiped snottty noses to the point that NOTHING scares us.  You think you're "gangsta" ? You don't know gangsta! Most of us spend our days outnumbered by the enemy. Multi tasking? That is for sissy's  try mulit MILLION tasking. The Geneva Convention has rules against POWs "suffering" in conditions that most moms take for granted. It's cold outside so we tell the kids bring your jacket. They forget said jacket and guess who goes without when the kidlett gets cold...mommy that's who. Kid is still hungry after they have eaten their meal guess who gives up their meal for the kid? Mommy.  Cold, hunger, sleeplessnes, and days without showering...average day for a mom of kids under 5.  We are tough mothers.

And if that doesn't scare you, we will put the most powerful curse on you that mommies have. " I hope your kids grow up to be JUST like you." When you do not have kids or when your kids are young you do not know how bad this curse is but think back to you at 16, 18, 21. Now imagine that sweet little baby you are holding in your arms saying to you the things you said to your parents. Not pretty is it.

So next time you pick on someone who is a mom, watch out! She just might wash your mouth out with soap.