101 saker att göra när man har tråkigt:P

Just kommit hem från fotboll och pojkarna fick lov att spela "Need for Speed" på Playstation. Så då satte jag mig ner och skrev tråkigt på Google:) bara för skojs skull. Och titta vad mycket man kan göra. 101 saker....roliga, tokiga saker!:D

  1. Build a snowman.
  2. Find the tallest building in your town and go to the top to look at the view.
  3. Learn how to juggle.
  4. Go to a rodeo.
  5. Browse through online recipes and find something interesting and new to cook.
  6. Learn to surf.
  7. Buy a newspaper and spend a few hours lazily reading it in a cafe.
  8. Go deep sea fishing.
  9. Treat yourself and a friend to a night out at a fancy restaurant.
  10. Make a video for "Funniest Home Videos".
  11. Take up competitive chess.
  12. Go for a walk in the park.
  13. Study something part-time that's always caught your interest.
  14. Invite someone for a game of tennis.
  15. Book a big house in the middle of nowhere for you and a group of friends to spend a weekend in.
  16. Go for a ride on a bike, if you don't own one, hire one.
  17. Invite a bunch of friends around for a barbecue.
  18. Learn how to sail by hiring a small yacht and taking lessons.
  19. Read a biography of a person you admire.
  20. Book a few days away at a tropical resort.
  21. Go for a drive in a nearby national park, stopping for a picnic on the way.
  22. Spend an afternoon looking through your old photos and organizing them.
  23. Head to a bar for an afternoon of playing pool.
  24. Go to an art gallery for a browse.
  25. See what's on at your local theatre go check it out.
  26. Go to the city center and simply walk around checking out what's going on.
  27. Go to the top of a nearby mountain and check out the view. (
  28. Head to an amusement park and go on the scariest ride you can find.
  29. Hire a kayak and take it out on a lake.
  30. Call an old friend you haven't spoken to for a while to see how they're doing.
  31. Go to the local cinema and take in a film.
  32. Go ten pin bowling.
  33. Buy a set of boules and challenge a friend to a game. If you don't know what boules are, find out.
  34. Make a roast chicken lunch with potatoes, gravy and salad.
  35. Go rollerblading, if you don't own any, hire them.
  36. Take some dancing lessons.
  37. Find a beautiful spot to have a picnic that you've never been to before.
  38. Challenge yourself to learn a foreign language.
  39. Head out to a vineyard for an afternoon of winetasting.
  40. Go to the zoo.
  41. Learn how to draw from still-life.
  42. Join a public speaking society such as toastmasters.
  43. Organize a poker evening.
  44. Go for a swim at your nearest lake, river or beach.
  45. Buy a book on a topic that's always interested you.
  46. Go see a live sporting event.
  47. Book a weekend away skiing.
  48. Kick a football in the local park with a friend.
  49. Have a snowball fight.
  50. Take singing lessons.
  51. Splurge on a weekend in a fancy hotel.
  52. Spend an afternoon go-carting.
  53. Go to an aquarium.
  54. Take race-driving lessons.
  55. Learn to fly an airplane.
  56. Go for a night out at the opera.
  57. Learn how to scuba-dive.
  58. Go out to a local festival or carnival.
  59. Hire a projector on a summer's night and watch a movie in your backyard.
  60. Play lawn bowls.
  61. Go out to a bar you've heard is good, but have never been to.
  62. Buy a telescope and learn some astronomy.
  63. Go windsurfing.
  64. Learn how to paint landscapes.
  65. Go to the circus.
  66. Go to a restaurant that serves a type of food you've never tried before.
  67. Eat take-away fish and chips near the sea.
  68. Catch a ferry somewhere.
  69. Buy a surprise gift for someone just to let them see you care.
  70. Organize a night out for a friend's birthday.
  71. Go for a walk in the wilderness.
  72. Try out water-skiing.
  73. Join a creative writing class.
  74. Rearrange the furniture in your bedroom.
  75. Draw some cartoons with funny situations.
  76. Form a book club and meet up to discuss what you've read once a week.
  77. Join a debating society.
  78. Go horse riding.
  79. Join a squash or racquetball club.
  80. Ask the neighbors over for wine and cheese.
  81. Go out to see a jazz band.
  82. Spend a day at the races.
  83. Go on a budget foreign trip.
  84. Take up an interest in art history.
  85. Go camping.
  86. Visit historical sites and read up on them.
  87. Take up photography.
  88. Learn about wine.
  89. Organize a charity event.
  90. Go on a blind-date.
  91. Get pampered at a day spa.
  92. Learn a musical instrument.
  93. Go white-water rafting.
  94. Organize a paint-balling day with a few friends.
  95. Go on a scenic train ride.
  96. Take a 4x4 offroading somewhere.
  97. Join an indoor-soccer team.
  98. Go for a drive down to the coast or lakeshore.
  99. Spend an evening at the casino.
  100. Learn how to shoot.
  101. Learn how to make cocktails.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag har också fått ovanor, emellanåt. Kanske ni är vakna nu också, din dotter och du.
    Jag tror inte jag behöver fundera vad jag ska göra då jag har tråkigt, för det har jag aldrig!!!

  2. Ja, det kanske vi var!:)Det sku vara roligt att ha samma personlighet som du. Många intressen och gröna fingrar, ja, det du gör blir alltid fint!